Over a Cup of Tea

It took me a very long while to post it. Maybe because I didn’t want to face the reality or maybe I needed more time to collect myself. Anyway.
I love self-analysis. I love sitting along the old window’s rusted pane, looking over the past & getting hit hardly by regrets, well mostly.

This time it has been particularly different. Just a few days into it and I have already realized that 22 is a very fascinating age. I am a very giving person. I do not know how to play the chummy card. If you are known to me even in the slightest of ways and life hits you hard; I will be there for you. No matter if you are an old enemy or a rival; if you are at your lowest, you will find me beside you. This year, it has been particularly a very different experience…

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Venting It Out

roller coaster rides

You have to let your feelings out. You have to vent them out and you must find a way. Open up to a soul friend. Scream yourself out in the middle of the day in your room, cry out, cry as much as you can, even if you start hiccuping but do it. Shout or yell, spread yourself out on the bed under the blanket and sob in your pillow. But do it. Write it out, in a blog or in a personal diary, keep a journal or write poems, draw it away.

But love, please don’t keep your feelings locked up inside. I beg you to release them. Keeping them bottled will just harden you and close your heart. The feelings will keep mounting and soon you will have a volcano burning up inside that won’t find a way out. That’s how demons are made. That’s how monsters from…

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