The children of the nation attacked once again

Musings of an Oddball

Over 260 children have been molested, raped and abused and all our leaders have to say is that they condemn it and that they feel ashamed that they were not able to protect the children of the nation. We promised ourselves after the Peshawar APS incident of 16th December, that we would not let our children be hurt physically, emotionally or mentally. We promised in front of the whole world that our children were our future saviours and we would never let them be hurt in any possible way. We promised that of all the people, the children were to be protected the most. But we, all of us, have failed them once again. And the sad part is that the death count of the Peshawar incident was 141 but the count of the abused children is over 260. The number keeps increasing and we keep turning a blind eye.


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