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roller coaster rides

When I was 15

They taught me in my physics class

About the law of conservation of energy

Energy is never destroyed,

I was told

It only changes from one form to another

5 years on from that day and I have learnt

Pain and energy

Work in strangely similar ways

Pain is the same

Or maybe

It is an energy too

Pain is never destroyed

(Maybe like energy it cannot be destroyed)

It just changes its shapes and auras

Sometimes it comes in the form of an unrequited love

A broken heart

A tragic separation

Heart wrenching betrayal by those you dearly loved

Sometimes it appears in the guise of poverty

Making life hard to sustain

Sometimes it knocks on our door as an illness, a disease or a malady

Crippling us of our energy

And at times it finds us as the emptiness in our chest

In the…

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