We Write

Loved this ❤

roller coaster rides

We write about the whispers of the soul

When it calls out in the dead of the night

We write about our darkest secrets in the brightest colors

We write about our haunting obsessions

We write about our unsung sonnets and unheard melodies

We write about our unfinished stories and broken sentences

We write about the echoing silence

All the words that weren’t said

We write about the crayons we lost and the colors that faded

We write about the toys that we got

When we didn’t need them anymore

We write about the dancing demons

And the wicked games they play

We write about muffled sobs and suppressed screams

We write about streaming tears and the lump in the throat

We write about the raging storms and burning desires

We write about the excruciating agonies and personal hells

We write about the butterflies painting our souls

We write about…

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