Feel the early morning quiet settle on your shoulders. Listen to the hum of the refrigerator. Give thanks to the cold kitchen floor beneath your toes. Your bones would be so cold without a floor, without walls, without the roof that keeps your body and your soul dry. See this new day with awe. You were a child once, a newborn with an immense understanding of the everyday miracle that is life on this Earth. Be that child again. The morning allows it, calls for it, demands it.
Stand in front of a window. Open the curtains and the blinds — whatever you’ve put in place to keep the world out. Watch the sun flood your private existence. See the rays kiss the things once forgotten in haste and shadows: a favorite book, your grandmother’s ring, confetti from a belated celebration. Feel the warmth spread from fingers to toes as you connect with the simplicity of the day.

Unlatch the locks. Open the window. Smile against the rush of brisk air disrupting your cocoon. Put your hand on your chest as the breath fills your lungs, ushers blood through your veins, awakens your heart.
You are alive.
Listen to the coffee percolating and the stream of pops that mean hope. Sip it slowly, letting the bitter relieve yesterday’s disappointments. Cherish every drop. Spoil yourself with the last sip of sugar and cream. Swallow your expectations because this day is malleable and you are nothing if not a sculptor. Create something brilliant.
Watch the hands on the clock tick by. With every rotation your molecules are a minute older, a minute wiser; your body is a minute closer to the end of whatever this is. Don’t be afraid. Let this comfort you and free you from obligation. Your only purpose now is to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and be grateful that you exist in this moment. You are as much a miracle as the coffee in your hands, the warbler on your windowsill, the concrete foundation beneath your feet. In this moment, you are everything you were intended to be.

Open your mouth and let a sound escape — a giggle, a groan, an incoherent noise that means nothing and everything. Listen as it cuts through the silence. You are a force to be reckoned with. Let yourself laugh, wildly and uncontrollably. Feel the joy bubble into your brain and out through your pores. The energy is changing — no longer quiet and still but alive and merry. You did this. You changed the course of the morning with one silly string of noise waves. Revel in this power, cherish this power, but don’t abuse it. You are as fragile as this moment. Be kind.
There are thousands of bodies like yours that are waking to this early morning peace, washing the sleep down the drain, getting ready to face whatever this day may bring.
It’s almost time.
Before you disappear into the day, before you pick up the phone and let your mind disengage as you chase words across a scrolling screen, take one more moment for yourself. Gorge yourself on this not-quite-silence that can only exist in the first minutes of a day. Listen to your breathing. Listen to your body that works tirelessly to keep you alive. Listen to your mind as it floats through this blissful place you’ve created simply by existing and respecting the peace.


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